Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Result :/

1 week ++ didn't update my blog . Today is very free, so come up and update .

English - 80% A
Math - 80% A
Geography - 62.50% C
Chinese - 74 % B
Bahasa Melayu - 64% C
Sejarah - 57% C ( Gonna kill it . )
Science - 89% A ( Woots . )
Kemahiran Hidup - 57% C ( Gonna kill it . )

I get 3A's , 1B and 4C's . HAHA :) Poor result :x At lease, i have improve :)

Luckily i didn't get D in this exam . Woots . *Clap* Muahahaha .

I think i need to improve all my subject . Oh, I did it. Finally my English get A . MUAHAHAHA =x

Actually my BM is 67%, after a fuss and fight, then i get 64% ... OMG x)

Next time, must study HARD .... Enen . MUAHAHAHA x)

How about your result ? Good or poor ? Come, share with me :D


My dream is realization soon . :) OMG, Ipod touch, i m coming x) MUAHAHAHA . The people who want to present me an Ipod Touch, from now on, save your money :)

Forget to tell all of you, I get 17th/36th in my class x)


Monday, March 15, 2010

I m BACK x)

Oh yeah !!!! I m BACK x) Happy :D

Actually last week i have a exam, so i can't open my Blog :) Sorry at all :(

My GEO, Oh shit !!!! I get 62.50% ! OMG !!! I hate myself !!!!! x(

Very regret why i didn't read carefully.... HATE HATE HATE.....

Anyways, EXAM is OVER !!!! HAHA :) So, How about your exam? HEHE x)

Holidays, Holidays, Holidays... ILOVEHOLIDAY :) HEHE x) Everyone LOVE holidays izit??? ;)

So, this holiday, i am going to TANAH MERAH for 3 days 4 nights... HEHE :) Unforgotable HOLIDAYS :)

HAHA :) Very thanksss for Pei's internet, let me download MOVIESSSSS x) And bring me to eat some delicious food :) Oh, I MISS TANAH MERAH!

At Night, They bring me to Lam Geh to take our dinner.... HAHA :) Very Very NICEEEE xD

HAHA :) Thanksss Pei's and her family..... KAKAK i also want to thanks you !!!

---------------- Split line ----------------

HAHA x) I promise my sis about PMR x) HEHE :) If i get 8A's in PMR, she will present me a new Ipod TOUCH x) Oh, I LOVE IT.... It's COOL x)

Hey sis, i won't let you dissapointed! I will get this IPOD TOUCH x) Remember save your money 1st ! HEHE x))

Remember your promise :) Thanks ya x) HAHA :)


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